Sharing as a Business

Sharing as a Business

Have you ever wanted to truly own your time—and your life? What if going to work every day was exciting and enjoyable, and you no longer had to wonder how you were going to pay the bills? Young Living’s generous compensation plan gives you the power to take control of your future and build a business that will change your life forever.

Being a Young Living member goes beyond simply building a thriving business, however. You will also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community. Some of the unique benefits of Young Living membership include:

Network marketing is recommending and promoting the things you like to other people. We do this activity almost every day. Networking is a natural skill that everyone already has. In network marketing we simply collect residual income checks from what we already do every day.

If you’re ready to achieve your dream of independence and security, our generous, industry-leading compensation plan will help you get there. It’s all about caring for our Young Living family, and another example of our commitment to total body wellness. Through our three-level approach, we’ve developed an efficient structure to help you build your business with compensation that rewards you as you grow.

  • Create a Foundation

    Every business needs a solid foundation. With our Rising Star Team Bonus you can achieve abundance as you progress from distributor all the way up to executive.

  • Build Your Business

    Once you’ve seen the benefits of being your own business, you’re ready to share that experience with others. Build on your foundation by adding others to your team to achieve shared success.

  • Become a Leader

    With an established business and a passion for inspiring wellness through Young Living, you’re ready to take the mission worldwide as you lead others to success.

Young Living offers an industry-leading compensation plan with generous commissions and bonuses.

Compensation Plan Highlights (PDF)

Not interested in building a business yet? Enroll as a customer and receive our products at retail pricing with flexible monthly purchasing options. Or, become a Member just to receive the 24% discounted pricing and you’ll never be pressured to build a business.

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